Thursday, January 10, 2008

Trials and tribulations

Ok, managed to get my passport back from immigration.  It only took about an hour with some long forms to complete with details of my schooling since I was four etc.  This is part of the process and hence why I cant complain.  Got my stamp on my passport which now makes me a resident of the BVI which should mean I don't have to stand in-line behind all the tourists at the airport or port when I get back in!
Have had my ups and downs with the telecoms providers.  Signed up of the wireless data card for use on the laptop.  At $99 per month plus $250 for the card it is a bit on the steep side so you would expect at least 512Kb connection... no way.  Most I am getting is 200Kbs on download and close to zero on the upload.  Fortunately I managed to get this on a 15 day trial so I should be able to take it back once I get my landline sorted out.
The landline is another thing.  Went to Cable and Wireless to apply for a landline and ADSL at the flat.  Looks like the process takes up to 15 days! We shall have to wait and see what happens.

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