Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Car Pooling - The BVI Way

One of the great things about being in a place like this is that people still care for one another. 
Every morning or afternoon when going to or coming back from work I try not to get annoyed at the car in front who suddenly decides to stop in the middle of the road, no warning, no indicator, nada.  The reason?  They have seen someone walking whom they know so they stop to give them a lift to their destination.
It's annoying because you are driving along, without a care in the world listening to the latest merengue mix on the local radio ("Sugarman tiene un baile" or "I want to see your bushy" are the two most popular now) when the car in front stops, you dive out to the middle of the road to avoid the car and then the passenger door flies open... you need to remember that you drive on the left in the BVI but all cars are built for right hand driving so the passenger door in the centre of the road not on the side of the road.... so the passengers walk onto the middle of the road to get into the car whilst you are still trying to avoid the car, let alone the open door, nor the passengers, nor the oncoming traffic in the opposite lane, nor the pot holes!  I tell you this, you need your wits about when driving.
On the other hand, it is great to see that people have a sense of community and are willing to give their friends a lift.

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