Sunday, January 6, 2008

Because life's too short to be in a hotel room....

OK so it is really pissing down and there is no sign of a let up.... so why stay in the hotel when there is a new town to discover?  That's what I did and got a drenching for it... pero at least I got some nice pics out of day one....
Could not resist the photo of the donkey and the fasten seat belt sign, classic!  The other shots are street scenes and buildings dotted in and around town, a couple of the cruise ships in port and the marinas which is the mainstay of the tourism industry in the BVI.  Two photos to also prove that it is indeed raining in the BVI!
Found a nice little restaurant in town but service was very slow, just as well as the rain did not stop and this gave me a chance to dry off :)
Still hoping that the cloud will burn off and I can catch a few rays of sunshine at the pool this afternoon.... best to live as an optimist!

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