Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's cold in the BVI!

Could not believe this. 

Driving to work this morning, chillin' as one does, caught in the gridlock (all 10 mins of it) with the radio on this advert comes on stating that it is uncharacteristically cold for this time of year in the Caribbean and goes of to try and sell listeners heaters.  For Pete's sake, it is 8:30am and it is already 25C with an expected 30C for the rest of the day and close to 85% humidity and this guy wants to sell you heaters for your home!

Now that I have my car was looking forward to trying out some of the beaches this weekend… the people at the office tell me that this is not a good time for being on the beach as there are high tides and strong currents at present which mean that all beaches have red flags.  This is a regular occurrence at this time of the year and to avoid people being dragged out to sea, bathing is effectively stopped until it all settles down… they tell me it only lasts a couple of weeks and that things should also start to warm up soon… here we go again with the heat.  At this rate I am going to have to get myself a portable Air Con unit to carry with me as I already find it difficult enough to cope with the heat when I am not indoors.

Had my first experience of grid-lock yesterday which is also a regular complaint in the office….. leaving the office I was exposed to all 10 minutes of it.  I told them they are whimps here and they should experience being stuck in our frontier queue or airport traffic back in Gibraltar before they complain about the traffic situation in the BVI.  What is also great is how polite everyone is, even drving in the gridlock, people let you in, wave, smile… so refreshing:)

Only annoying thing so far.. Coffee.  Made to US specs, i.e. very weak.  Have not found a strong expresso anywhere in town.  All I've found so far is filter coffee… not good… will keep looking…..

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