Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dive Day 1

Had my first day of my Open Water Certification lessons today.  Great day!
For my confined water dive I was taken out to Pirates Bay on Norman Island (one of the outer islands of the BVI) as the water was very choppy near to Tortola.  Whilst the certified divers got on with their first dive I got to spend time with my instructor going through the first of my four skills (face mask clearing, regulator clearing, regulator recovery and  alternate air source breathing) which I got through with flying colours! Followed by a quick swim underwater back to the dive boat.
Weigh anchor and off to the dive site.  Three protruding rocks off Norman Island called the Indians (as it is supposed to look like an red Indian head dress- I think you need to be on some of Bomba's Tea to see that one!)
Anyway, certified divers get to dive with their guide on the rocks whilst I get the instructor to myself.  A 15m dive for 45 mins which I think is great!  Get to see yellow snapper, little blue fish, stone grouper and great corral formations.  Can't wait for day two!

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