Friday, January 4, 2008

Last minute

With hours to go before my first flight, all my things are packed and I'm ready to go. At least physically ready.

I suppose that it is common to feel apprehensive at this stage about whether I have packed the right gear, left anything important out, packed too much, etc. I don't think that I will get an answer to this until I've been in the BVI for a few weeks and then I remember that I should have packed this or the other. Maybe at the end of the six months I will also say, why did I carry this with me all the way half-way round the world?

There are last minute changes to the packing list which was meticulously prepared weeks ago. For example, photographically I am going to only take my compact digital not my Nikon SLRs. Don't know, somehow the compact serves me well on holiday and I don't want the hassle of a big camera to weigh me down. I might regret this decision big time.

Flying with a serious stomach upset picked up during the Christmas festivities is not going to be fun. Fortunately I've been put on some dramatic antibiotics which should ensure that I get to the BVI in a fit state.

It's been an emotional few days in the run up to my departure. I've not gone back to the office since the Christmas break-up although a few people have phoned me or texted me messages of support and encouragement which was good. But I am trying to keep away from those closest to me as will miss them dearly and my goodbyes are not the most cheerful of events.

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