Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Full Moon at Bomba

It is full moon, and when there it is a full moon in the BVI there is only one place to be....the Bomba Shack in Apple Bay. This infamous place has a reputation all to itself. Mr Bomba himself is a larger than life character and his mushroom teas are famous.

The full moon party at Bomba was a bit of a disappointment. Maybe because I have to go to work so could not sty till midnight when the fun happens or maybe it is because the season has still not picked up. Which ever way it was a bunch of tourists having a drink. The local players trying to pick up anything with a skirt and nothing else much.

I am going to try the Trellis Bay full moon party next month as that is supposed to be better.

Here are some photos of the Bomba shack... what looks disappointing is that there does not appear to be many recent pairs of ladies undergarments.... most seem to have been there for some time..... maybe it is because it has been too cold in the Caribbean of late?

Anyway met a couple that I had been diving with on Saturday so spent some time chillin' as they say.

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