Sunday, April 27, 2008


One thing definitely not on the BVI Tourist brochure is the issue with bugs on the island. Things like grasshoppers and the like, even cockroaches you half expect. However last night was like a horror movie.

It has started to warm up quite a bit on the island and substantial rain has become a bit infrequent. Last night, after a balmy day it begun to pour down and by this I mean monsoon conditions non-stop. I was not going out last night so was quite happy looking over my dive photos, checking up on facebook and otherwise keeping myself entertained when I happen to glance at the window. The apartment has a lot of windows but they all have mesh to keep the mosquitoes out.

To my horror the entire windows were covered with flying insects, a swarm of them. Asking around today I was not the only one affected. It seems that the whole of the East End seemed to have been affected by what some people call flying ants and other termites. They don't look like any ants I've seen before so I am putting it down to termites.

This morning I had to get out and sweep the terrace as it was a carpet of wings that have fallen of these creatures. It was surreal! Don't know what happens to the body... there were only wings.

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