Saturday, April 12, 2008

Open Water

Nearly through my next diving certification. One more to go and I gain the Advanced Open Water certification, yippee.

Not been a good dive day today tough. The first dive on Vanishing Rock site was one where we were fighting a very strong current, almost making no head-way against it and getting exhausted/out of air very quickly. Fortunately a turtle came along to make it worth the while.

However, in much like the film of the same name as this title... we came across two divers who had been left behind! Apparently this couple were on a yacht charter and had got their brother in law to take them out on a dinghy to the dive site, dropped them off and he went back to the yacht (breaking one of the cardinal rules of diving... have an escape route!). When they got into the water and encountered the current, they panicked and did not know what to do. Fortunately one of the dive masters saw them on the sea bottom and offered to help. If we had not been there they would have had to float in the current until their brother in law decided to turn up for them! Frightening.... never ever do this!

Second dive on painted walls was better but still a good fight against the current. So knackered that I had planned to go out again tomorrow but think that I will go to the beach and read a book instead.

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