Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Can you please organise yourselves?

Since I arrived the Tamarind Club, which is just below my apartment, has provided a good selection of live music on most nights.  It is impossible not to hear it or attempt to go to bed until they have finished.  Very lively music with audience participation.  And it has been great as I get free live entertainment.
However, the church on the other side of the valley seems to have put their donations into purchasing a new sound system.  Which means that between Johnny Cash and Rolling Stones I get to listen to an Evangelist sermon and choir which goes on for the same amount of time.
Would not mind if the club and the church alternated, like that I could redeem my sins earned from listening to the Devil's music but when they both go on at the same time... neither God nor the Devil are pleased that their word is being heard... at least not by me :)

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