Thursday, February 14, 2008

St Valentine's in the BVI

A bit strange to spend a St Valentine's day without someone to share it with but that's how it is. What I found very surprising is that here many ladies dress up in red and white on St Valentines. Don't know where this comes from but I think this an Americanism that has filtered through.

At work they organised a St Valentine's breakfast in which all the food was cooked by the staff. It was superb with great local food.. got so stuffed that nearly had to give lunch a break!

BTW in relation to a previous post... Johnny Cake is known like that and is not related to the person who cooks it and bush tea can literally be the nearest bush used to brew the infusion. For example today I tried lemon grass bush tea and mint bush tea. As with most natural infusions, some are known to have medicinal uses.

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