Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sailing Day 1.5

In what can only be considered a squall I ventured out into the big dark grey open sea and became certified on a keelboat! I am now the proud owner of a log book and have attained the American Sailboat Association's certification for keelboats... whether I would be confident to take anyone out on a sail boat is highly doubtful but at least I am qualified to do so!

The weather was absolutely atrocious... the seas were rough, it was pissing down with rain, there was a strong wind... good weather for the ducks as they say.... how we stayed there for as long as we did was a testament to our resolve to get this qualification.. we should have got extra marks on the theory exam just for turning up today.

I went out with a t-shirt and swimming trunks, ended up completely soaked as if I I had been for a swim.. not having any spare clothes with me I walked into the Quicksilver shop at the marina, soaking in my t-shirt and trunks, picked up a pair of shorts and t-shirt from the rack.. went into the changing room.. tried them on, they fit... walked out with the wet clothes in my hand (you should have seen the looks I was getting!) and told the shop keeper that I would take the clothes that I was wearing but that I needed a plastic bag for my wet clothes... she turned to me and said.. "I need the bar codes"...ummm,,, so she pointed to my neck and waist from where I pulled them off so that she could scan them and charge me accordingly (I was surprised that she didnt scan them whist still attached to the clothes-and my body)!

The photo shows me drying off just upon returning to the marina......

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