Friday, January 11, 2008

Un susto....

In the island, the rubbish bins are skips that placed on the side of the road. So when you have rubbish to throw you stop next to one of them and throw you rubbish into them….not as bad as it sounds….

Bueno, this morning I had already accumulated a couple of plastic bags of the stuff and so I decided to to throw them. Put them in the car and drove to the office until I came across the first of these skips. Got out of the car and tossed the plastic bags into the skip……..

…..there are also a lot of chickens running wild on the island, they also wake you up in the mornings…….

… conque when the plastic bags land in the skip salieron dos chicken volando and screaming towards me…. As I was not expecting this noise and movement, me lleve un susto that woke me up, for sure.

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