Saturday, January 5, 2008

The flight etc

The flight was a killer.  Nine hours give or take a few minutes.  Ni business class ni leche mahada!  It tires you out!
The killer was the Antigua connection.  There was supposed to be a 1.5 hour change which under any other airport would have been OK.  Pero not in the Caribbean.....  Por empezar the BA flight got in 30 mins late, good thing I was first out of the plane... there should be a transit desk but no I had to get behind 600 Virgin 747 passengers which had just arrived and pass customs and immigration in Antigua... aqui me cole do todo dios as this can take 2 hours by itself.... then find the American Eagle check in desk which had practically closed by now.. the check-in girls looked at me as saying you are not going to make it.... speak to BA see if they can get you passed the queue, this was the queue to get back into the departures lounge and through security, pretending I was on another flight which was already boarding I jumped to the front of that queue or I would still be there!
Made just in time for the flight to be called, and yet another security check!
The friendly AA staff were not pleased that I kept asking them if my bags had made it off the BA flight and onto the AA flight... blank looks, on the tarmac I see the trolley making its way towards the aircraft and on it were my two suitcases, at least they would make it.  50 minutes later (after another delayed departure) I land at BVI.
When the BVI immigration officer asks me what my leaving date is and I tell her six months, she has a fit!  would I be working----YES!, another fit... where is my work permit?  No idea I reply... this can't be and walks into a room.... minutes later she re-emerges to inform me that my passport will be impounded until the situation is sorted out in a few days time, gives me a receipt for my passport and off I go into the blue yonder now not being able to leave the BVI, even if I wanted to.
So now I am here, half way round the world having dinner al fresco (grouper by the way) with a balmy calm see in front of me... let us see what the world brings tomorrow.

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