Sunday, January 6, 2008

Day One

Woke up this morning to the sound of a cockerel singing his heart out at 7:00am... who needs an alarm with a wake up call like this! Slept like a baby after the long day's flying yesterday. Had a hearty breakfast on the terrace looking out across the bay where the Queen Mary II is disgorging its passengers onto an unsuspecting Tortola.

Am looking forward to talking a walk in Road Town but have been set back by the torrential rains that are presently over the island. With any luck these should pass over in a couple of hours and leave a clear day. Want to find out where the amenities are, supermarket, ATM, bank. etc are located and walking is the best way to find them... but not in this weather.

Fortunately the hotel has free Wi-Fi access which has allowed me to get on-line and make contact with family etc...... will need to sort this out in the apartment as well. Was very surprised with the call quality of calls made using Skype's Call Out service which means that I can call Gib for 0.05Euro a minute to landlines! Way to go Skype!

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