Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thank you for the privilege

My time here is up.  

The moment has arrived when I am no longer on the island and this is the last entry of the blog.  With this entry I want to thank everyone at the BVI for letting me experience the privilege of spending time with you.

I have felt privileged to have known so many genuinely nice people.   I have made good friends on the island, people who have taken me into their own circle of friends expecting or wanting nothing back in return.  I have made more new friends in these last five months than I have in Gib in the last five years. 

I have also felt privileged to have experienced superb diving where turtles and fish let me share their space, to enjoying some great food and beaches, to have worked with committed professionals who are as passionate about their island as I am of Gibraltar.

My time here may have been shorter than originally intended but that has not detracted from the excellent experiences that I take back home with me.  I hope that in my own small way I have also contributed to the island and its people.  If my upfront and blunt style has offended anyone, I apologise.

There is no doubt in my mind that if the opportunity arises I will be back, there is no way I will be kept away!

Thank you, it's been memorable.



jw said...

Hello and good day all together. I wish you a beautiful Day and all good.
Nice blog ,will back soon
Big Hugs and Take care... Joergi from Berlin

Greetings from my blog

ilario said...

Nice and interesting your blog :)