Monday, May 12, 2008

RMS Rhone

This is my last dive in the BVI before I leave so I decided to go out with RMS Rhone which must be one of the best BVI Dive sites. This set is exclusively a record set of the wreck, nothing pretty and nothing colourful just wreck.

The bow of the Rhone (left)

Swimming through the hull

The condensor

Crow's Nest lieing on its side

Diver swimming through some deck supprts

Part of the stern of the ship

Swimming through the propellor sections

Prop and rudder


The lucky porthole. You should rub this three times clockwise for good luck. One of the following is said to come true [1] You will become rich in the BVI [2] You will love like an Italian or [3] You will dive the Rhone again. The story behind the Itlain is too long for this blog, do your own research!

Gearbox and prop shaft

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