Friday, December 14, 2007

The story so far.

With about two weeks left to go before my departure to the BVI this is as good a time as any to start the blog.

I depart to the BVI in the first week of January.  Routing to get to the BVI can be complicated so rather than risk US Homeland Security holding me up for hours on end at either Miami, San Juan or New York airports, I've decided to choose a routing which avoids the US and thus try to cut my travel time down, so I've gone the Gatwick-Antigua route.  This means that I will not need to change airport in London either!  However, the Achilles heel of this plan rests with American Eagle that should fly me from Antigua to the BVI.  It appears that in low season (i.e. few passengers on the flight), this flight gets cancelled frequently, so if this is the case I might get routed into the US via Puerto Rico, and arrive a day later!  Ah well, will keep you posted on how that turns out.

The return is scheduled for late June as I need to be back at my desk in Gibraltar for the 1st July.  It seems odd that I have still not got there and I already have my return planned.......

Where am I staying?
Don't know.  It will be in Tortola but still awaiting confirmation that suitable accommodation has been found... will keep you posted on this one as well....

What are you doing?
Helping out the BVI FSC on a couple of projects which they want a hand on.  So yes, this is not an extended holiday --- despite what many a jealous person may say!

Planning to come back to Gib?
After the secondment, most definitely. During the secondment, most likely that I will try to find an opportunity to get back and catch up with people that I will no doubt be missing (and my cats!).

How do you plan to keep yourself busy?
Need to find out what's happening in the BVI but would like to obtain PADI certification whilst I am there and maybe go for a Master's Licence for powerboats.  Seems a shame that with all those water borne activities I do not try to make the most it whilst I am there......

That's it for now......

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