Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's my birthday!

Hey just to let you know that today it's my birthday! Celebrating with two great dives and tonight going out to dinner with some friends. It's been some time since I celebrate my birthday away from home and never by myself so it is kind of strange!

Tonight I went out with friends to Peter Island Resort for what one of them called a "sophisticated dinner". It was quite posh! Food was great even though we were not sat down at our table until an hour after our booking! To get there you take a 30 min ferry across the channel and the resort is very nice. Dinner was excellent and the waitress managed to get us served by the time the 10:00pm ferry back to Road Town was to leave. Coming back was a bit spectacular as we sat up top and there was enough lightning to keep us entertained for the journey.

Anyway on the way to the ferry we came across a "Coquí" Frog who seemed to take a liking to my birthday card where it stayed until I put him down.

Nice end to a great day.

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