Friday, March 21, 2008

Mrs Scatliffe's

An institution in the BVI is dinner at Mrs. Scatliffe's. This is a formidable woman who built a restaurant business for herself. In days gone buy people used to come to her house (it is her house not a restaurant that you go to) to sample her famous chicken in a coconut and to hear her sing. She is now getting on in life but you can still hear her sing in the kitchen whilst she prepares that same recipes that made her famous. A charming lady who will preach to you the word of the Lord whilst you are eating. At the end of the dinner she will put on a video of herself for a local TV channel when she was in her prime. A great experience of the BVI to have.

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Anonymous said...


Your pictures and accounts of your stay in BVI are amazing. I loved it! Thank you.

A serious VI lover living in Florida who secretly wishes she lived in the VI's.